Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about cases.


How much will a case cost?


Pricing is generally based on size, but complex case designs and interior details can increase the base price. Please contact us with your specific requirements for a prompt and accurate quote.


How long does it to receive a case?


Our typical production schedule requires 10 to 14 working days. Rush orders can usually be accommodated, but may require an expediting fee.


How much does a case weigh?


Case weight depends on many factors including case type, panel thickness and options such as casters, legs, interior partitions, etc. We can provide approximate weights for your reference, based on the details of your case requirements.


Can I give you a Purchase Order (P.O.) from my company for a case(s)?


The use of company Purchase Orders requires an approved credit application and written authorization.


How much weight will the airline allow?


The carry-on baggage limit is typically 45 lbs., however, different airlines may have different requirements.  Please review the specific weight restrictions for the carrier you will use.


Do I have to measure my equipment?


Generally, yes. However we are sometimes able to retrieve required dimensional information from our library of manufacturer model numbers. However, because production lines are constantly changing, we strongly recommend that you provide us with accurate measurements to assure a perfect fit.


Are options included in the cost of the case?


No. Case options such as casters, combination locks, Wheel-Easy system, custom interiors, etc. are added to the base cost of the case.


We have a shipping case at work that is broken, can you fix it?


Yes. We repair our cases those from other manufacturers. We also offer refurbishing, re-foaming, and retro-fitting to any existing standard or custom-built case.


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