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Whether you need to transport and protect valuable office equipment for offsite use, deploy workstations at a remote jobsite, or transport computer equipment for a project or event, Maxline has you covered. We have a comprehensive selection of state-of-the-art shipping and protective solutions for all of your computer and other electronic equipment.


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   Maxline Workstation & Mobile Office Cases   Maxline Workstation & Mobile Office Cases    Maxline Workstation & Mobile Office Cases


Our military cases and containers can be ordered with a wide variety of options and layouts.   In general, the items to be contained will determine the type of case required.


Free options include:


  • Latches: locking or non locking.  Locking latches include key locking or pad locking.
  • Case Color.
  • Lid: Hinged or lift-off.


Available Options:


  • Security Bar: Used to secure laptops or items to the case itself.
  • Casters (wheels)
  • Wheel Easy™ system: Recessed casters and pull out handle (cases over 32" long usually do not require pull out handles).
  • Bottom Edge Protector: Protects cases during forklift operations.
  • Stacking Dishes: Facilitates efficient stacking of multiple cases.
  • Cooling Fans: Can be mounted internally if electronics will be used inside the case.


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