SKB™ PlaStic Molded Cases ACCESSORIES


SKB Gig-Wings

Part Number: 1SKB-1818B


SKB Gig-Wings™

Sturdy, click-on Gig-Rig side table with padded Velcro top for secure mounting of equipment or accessories. Easy to remove, SKB Gig-Wings fold and store neatly in a specially designed tote bag.

(shown mounted on the full sized Gig-Rig™)

SKB Roto-Roller

Part Number: SKB-1906



The Roto-Roller™ is not only an efficient dolly for both the full-sized and mini Gig-Rig™, it also serves as a 6-space rack or ample storage space for road gear.

SKB DRW4 Drawer System

Part Number: 1SKB-DRW-4


DRW4 Drawer

A sturdy rack mount four space storage drawer.


SKB VS1 Velcro Shelf Rack Mount

Part Number: 1SKB-VS-1


VS1 Velcro Shelf Rack Mount

Pull-out shelf. Cushioned heavy-duty Velcro surface will hold hundreds of products and tools of various shapes and sizes.


SKB 1916 Casters

Part Number: 1SKB-1916


1916 Casters

Heavy-duty caster kit for shock racks.

SKB AC1 Nut and Bolt Kit

Part Number: 1SKB19-AC1


AC1 Nut and Bolt Kit

Rack mount hardware

(one included per rack).

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