SKB™ PlaStic Molded RoLLING RACK MOUNT Cases

SKB Rolling Rack Mount Cases

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The full size Gig-Rig™ 1010 features a 10-space angled top for your mixing board, a roto-molded body, side handles, and stacks securely with SKB rack mount cases.

The Gig-Rig 1010V version adds a Velcro pop-up rack.

See our accessories page for information on our great add-ons for the Gig-Rig™, including: Roto-Roller, Gig-Wings, 4U rack drawer, and Velcro shelf.

Part Number
Styles Dimensions
Mini Gig-Rig
Top (10 U) + 3" in rear
5 1/2'" x 2 1/4" depth (slant) Bottom: 6 U
Mini Gig-Rig
w/ Velcro pop-up rack
16" mounting surface on Top
Top (10 U) + 3" in rear,
5 1/4" x 2 1/4" depth (slant ) Bottom: 10 U
Gig-Rig w/ Velcro pop-up rack
16" mounting on Top
Pop-up 12 unit mixer
12 unit Rack Mount

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