Server Rack Mount Cases


Server rack-mount case

Maxline's server rack cases feature extra depth to accommodate larger rack-mountable equipment. Case depths are measured from the front rail to the rear rail.  Server racks are available in both 27" and 30" rail-to-rail, and case depths to 36".


Our standard server rack cases are available with a center rail mounted at 24".  Adjustable rack rails are also available to allow selection of a wide variety of custom positions. They can also be designed with additional rear interior space for storing cabling or other equipment.


Our custom-made rack rail is especially designed and manufactured for use with server rail kits. They are available in threaded, square hole or "hat section" versions.


  • Manufactured with 1/2" thick panels to ensure maximum protection of your equipment.
  • Available in single or double wide version.
  • Available depths (front to back): 27", 30", and 36"
  • Custom depths are available.


  For information about available rack-mount accessories, click here.  


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