Maxline Ultralite Shipping Cases

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Maxline's unparalleled line of Ultralite cases use the newest technology in strong, lightweight ATA cases. With new weight limitations and the high cost of shipping, our customers asked for a durable, lightweight solution.  In response, we've developed the Ultralite case system.


Constructed of incredibly durable polypropylene plastic, these cases are up to 35% lighter than standard ABS-laminated plywood models.  We offer a full line of ultralite cases that can be custom built to your precise specifications, inside and out.


Maxline Ultralite Computer Shipping Cases

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Computer Shipping Cases

Need a lightweight ATA-rated case to ship your computer systems or laptops? Tired of paying huge freight bills? Cut your costs with our custom-built Ultralite computer shipping cases.


We will build these cases around your equipment with the right amount of protection, matching the precise external and interior design options dictated by your unique requirements.

Maxline Ultralite Plasma Screen, LCD & Monitor Cases

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LCD Screen & Monitor Cases

These cases are specially designed to protect your most delicate equipment.  They not only ensure safe transportation, but can also be designed to store your display accessories.


Our cases use a special scratch-free cloth lining that prevents surface damage during shipping.  We design and build LCD screen and monitor cases to accommodate any manufacturer's type and size. These cases are available in two primary styles:


  • Top-loading Lid Style
  • Removable Lid Style.


Includes outriggers for stable transportation, and to prevent heavy items from being indavertently placed on the sides of the case if it is laid over.  Our top-loading "Suitcase" Style (monitor only) features a hinged lid to facilitate easy access to your equipment.

Maxline Ultralite Electronics Cases

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Electronics Cases

For safely transporting your delicate electronics.  Virtually any electronics equipment can be securely shipped and stored in an Ultralite case, including printers, plotters, scanners, LCD monitors, and much more.


Simply describe your operational requirements and our team of design experts will create a custom case perfectly designed for protecting your valuable equipment.


If you do not see what you're looking for or aren't sure what you need, please contact us:

888.262.9546 or by Email


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