Glossary of terms & definitions relating to cases.

ABS: Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene: A Thermoplastic Resin. It is a tough durable plastic material, resistance to impact and solvents.

Airline Transportation Association (ATA): An independant organization that sets rigorous specifications for design and engineering of products intended for air travel or transshipment.

Ball Corners: Made from stamped steel, they provide protection at the most critical outside area of your case. They act as both the first stage of shock absorption as well as elevating your case 1/4" off the ground.

Casters: Roller ball bearings that swivel mounted wheels made from rubber, making your case roll/move smoothly.

Extrusion: Extrusion is a process in which metals are formed (extruded) to a shape.


Latches: We carry a full line of latches, the most common are Butterfly. They offer the most secure latching system available on the market. The Butterfly latch is recessed into your case.

Partitions: Dividers inside your case for storage. They can be stationary or adjustable, depending on your needs.

Valance: An inter-locking system. We use this type of inter-locking system for our lids and bottoms of the case. This allows a tight, dust-free seal when the case is closed.

Skid Plate: A protective plate attached to the bottom of the case, the casters are then attached to the skid plate allowing for maximumn strength. Also referred to as a caster plate, or caster board.


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